Police Beat


Jacobs Well Police Beat

34 Helmore Road, Jacobs Well QLD 4208

TELEPHONE (07) S546 2377 FACSIMILE (07) 5546 2311 mm,


Jacobs Well Progress Association Meeting

30”‘ October 2014

Police Beat

Police Beat officers provide a proactive service aimed at enriching the community with front line services promoting personal safety and reducing the fear of crime, while establishing a convenient and relaxed environment where people can talk to police. Officers regularly patrol and engage with the community to identify problems and then develop strategies to solve them.

Police Beats aim to:

  • Reduce crime rates and the number of calls for service ,
  • Identify and target local problem areas
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • To provide a place where local community members can talk with police.

Police Beats do not operate 24/7, and therefore as the Jacobs Well Police Beat comes under Coomera Station, officers from Coomera will attend calls for service outside of the Beats rostered shifts. Coomera station can be contacted on (07) 5519 5555, however it is recommended that for non-urgent matters you contact Policelink on 131-444 who operate 24/7, and of course in an emergency immediately call 000.

When the Beat officers are not working, you will find the Beat phone will be diverted to Policelink. If you specifically want to talk to the Beat officers, feel free to leave a message with Policelink and we will contact you back when we are next rostered on.

Hooning Issues in the Jacobs Well and surrounding areas.

Under-reporting: .

So far in 2014, Police have received only seven complaints related to traffic matters for the Jacobs Well Police Beat area (See attached map), with four of those been for hooning actives. The Jacobs Well Police Beat officers have on a number of occasions requested concerned members of our community to contact Hoon reporting line, however it appears that very few people are taking the time to report these matter.

To enable police to direct available resources to address any local issues, we NEED to have data/intelligence on which to base our operational plarming, as well as discussions we may hold with external agencies such as council.

The Hoon Line number is 13HOON (13 4666). You can also report hooning on—line by going to www.police.qld.gov.au and follow the links.

Residential Security Audits

Between the 15‘ to 10”‘ December Jacobs Well Police Beat officers will be offering to attend to your residence and conduct a full security audit before the Christmas season.

There is nil cost associated with the audit, and you will be provided with a report outlining any recommendations police make to improve your residential security. Both Brenda and Duane have about 14 years each in Policing experience, during which time we have attended hundreds of burglary scenes, so please allow us to utilise our experience to reduce the chance of you becoming another statistic.

These security audits can also be conducted any other time of the year subject to officer availability and work load. To make a booking for this please contact the Beat on the above phone numbers, or email

killick.duane@police.qld.gov.au or lee.brendad@police.gld.gov.au

Local Crime.

Between 20″‘ September to 13”‘ October the following offences have occurred in the Jacobs Well Beat area:

3 x burglaries

1 x drink driver

1 x Enter property with intent

1 x stealing

2 x traffic complaints

3 x stealing from vehicles

Many of these offences were committed by thieves who have made the most of an opportunity created by their victims. When items are left in full view in an insecure vehicle, thieves will jump at the chance for an easy steal. Don’t become another statistic and be responsible for your property. For tips on crime prevention, please speak to your local Beat officers.

Want more information on crime in your area, or like to compare this community to others, please use the free crime mapping application by logging on at www.police.gld.gov.au and following the links. This information is very useful and can put our area’s crime rates into perspective when looking at other locations.