October 2014

 General Meeting Thursday 30 October 2014 held at Cabbage Tree Point Bowling Club

David Allen was absent so Vice President Craig McVean chaired the meeting accompanied by Geoff Bishop – Secretary and Lin Riley – treasurer

Craig welcomed everyone (40 attendees) and discussed some of the issues and events on the horison

  • Logo – We have been asked for a logo so committee is discussing options with Amanda Mcartney
  • 14/15 Auditor selection We have someone in mind but discussing others, seeking comments from the floor
  • Events Delivery role – vacancy on the committee. Have possibilities but no one confirmed
  • Strategic Plan Development under way for the township
  • Blue Light Disco 29th Progress Assn will again pay DJ and collect door and tuckshop revenue
  • Response to Bevan Lamming notice of neighbours water levels

Apologies: David Allen, Bronny Allen, Michael & Karen Lewis

 Minutes of Previous Meeting were presented. Moved to adopt Annie Tiemann Seconded Elaine. Carried

 Correspondence In

  • Dona Gates Division 1 Newsletters
  • Michael Crandon: Forwards several emails, some relevant to us some not so much. You will see some of these posted to the facebook page from time to time.
  • Energy retailers on notice
  • Great results Guarantee funding
  • Reduction in Workplace related injuries
  • Notice re National Police Remembrance Day
  • National Stronger Regions Fund
  • Strong Choices – Release of final plan
  • Cash seized – Task Force Maxima
  • Invitation from Woongoolba State School to attend the Remembrance Day Service on 11 November 14

 Correspondence Out

  • Letter to Donna Gates re street rubbish bins
  • Note to Woongoolba Bowls Club expressing support for the Anzac memorial
  • Acceptance to attend Woongoolba Remembrance Day service

Treasurers report

Geoff Bishop endorsed the work of new treasurer Lin Riley.

Lin has set up through MYOB debtors, creditors, invoicing, balance sheet, quarterly profit & loss and a full members register. The members register was passed around for people to provide email contact details

Lin provided a number of optional reports for presentation at meetings. Committee to decide

Balance of Bank  – end of October $23964.67  & our Investment account balance: $16982.75

Items to note, $1,000 grant received from GCCC through our application for Division 1 funding.

Moved – Clemmie Bishop 2nd Geoff bishop. Carried

 Donna Gates report

Donna complimented the JWPA for being a great club, and the number of attendees at meetings, particularly tonight

1.Donna spoke about the $25,000 allocated to reinvigorate the village “Tactical Urbanism” and with the feedback received asking for footpaths, boardwalks, connecting JW and Calypso, the report got a bit silly as it would cost $millions to implement. So looking at main street improvements with planter boxes, better rubbish bins etc. In relation to bin problems, she did a door knock around the town and was told by the person at BlueFin (who she assumed was the owner) that they did not want a rubbish bin in front of the store, so she organised for it to be taken away. Looked at angle parking to help trailer parking problems but no enough room. Will try other  approaches

2.Re Pelican Pde 10 house community plan, council asked for certain changes (eg chain wire fence) but the development was recommended for approval

  1. 1090 JW Rd has been resold to Villawood Properties
  2. Fence in the park problems- will be fixed urgently
  3. There was a problem with the BBQs in the park. They are back in order
  4. Using part of the $25,000 to relocate picnic tables and play area from Alberton to Riesenwebber Pk
  5. Hooning damage at Norwell Rd and Kerkin Rd will be fixed and all lines remarked (Need Main Rds approval)
  6. Bevan Laming has been to see her to re-apply for Sand Mine, this is the 3rd time. The 1st two were refused as there was sufficient resource till 2015.. Did not know how it would go this time.
  7. Question When sandmining finishes could it be used as a rowing facility? A, No. State Gov requires it be refilled
  8. Q. How many mines in the area? A. Four. Government does tend to support business.

11.Q. If cane fields stop happening, is State Gov working with Council on a plan for the area.

  1. Donna reiterated the story of the Gov wanting to fast track redevelopment with a “Priority Development Plan” This allows for faster development planning, less appeal options and faster approval process. Owners of the mill supported this QDA. QIC made offers and other private developers. Donna did not support the PDA and would now like to see it declared an “investigation area” to look at all issues e.g. sustainability, past flooding and issues with acid sulphate soils. Interestingly, the mill expected a 120,000 tonne crush this year but will be 180,000t so cane fields may have more legs and there is talk of a recycled water pipeline, which may lend the area to such things as Hydroponics

12.Elaine re Cabbage Tree Pt  issues 1. Cabbo needs footpaths too. 2. What is going on with council work at waterfront and levelling land at park? A. Will find out 3. Cabbo also requires better bins. 4. The boat ramp and trailer parking is a disaster. What is happening with land on other side of road A. State Government is trying to buy it.

Other issues-

Community hall management is going from Caravan Pk to Bronwyn Lacey from 30th Nov

Donna will look into when acoustic work for the community is happening.

Donner commended Darren Langdon, (Manager Community Venues and Services Branch) for the GCCC who will oversee management and tendering for the Caravan Pk.

(Post meeting Donna offered $500 for food and drinks at our last meeting at Harrigans)

Police Report – Brenda and Duane

Duane handed out a report highlighting most of their issues. This is available on the website

Most discussion focused on hooning, most prevalent on New Norwell Rd and Kerkin Rd and it seemed many new attendees were present to discuss this issue. People said they have rung the police but get no response. The take-away message was that you must ring the hoon line,13HOON (134666) also report on line at www.police.qld.gov.au.

So don’t facebook it. Film it if possible and ring the HOON Line (other info in the police report on the website)

Community Events 2014 / 15 (Deb Stanton)

  • Blue Light Disco 29th November
  • Summer Competition for school aged children – need ideas that will involve maybe team work, and something to keep kids occupied for a period of time over the holidays. Jodie Rowlands will facilitate
  • Arts by the Sea Festival 2015. A date and any planning is yet to be set for this

Other events being considered:

  • Opera in the cane fields
  • Boat / Camping sale in conjunction with Horizon Shores
  • Movies in the Park – this is also something we are looking at with GCCC.
  • Markets at the JW Tavern on last Sunday of month have been successful (180 breakfasts) and good flow-on to other cafes etc in the town. It would be good to add fresh produce.

Environmental Sub –Committee – Lindy Salter had left but

  • Land Care Group has started with a meeting pre JWPA meeting
  • Bevan Laming concern re neighbours sand ponds above natural surface

Environmental Education Centre – Steve Rowell thanked JWPA for helping with the frog night and providing pizzas, and for those who stayed behind to clean up. Feedback he has received was good. Wildlife night next (year)

Rock Point Fire Brigade – Noel Haase

Annual Christmas party breakfast on Sat 13th Dec. Looking to raise funds for the new generator.

General Business

  1. Cabbo Bowls holding a Melbourne Cup event– Hot & cold buffet for the
  2. Marg Waters said she is resigning her role with the SSN, the last one being Nov edition. Any takers?

Close 9.05pm   Next Meeting – Thursday 27 Nov at Harrigans – Break-up for the year with drinks and nibbles.