Minutes September 2014

Minutes of meeting held on 2th September 2014 at Jacobs Well Community Hall

JWPA Committee
President David Allen
Vice President Craig McVean (Absent)
Treasurer Lin Riley (Absent)
Secretary Geoff Bishop

David welcomed everybody, discussed a few issues
• Events Delivery role has not been filled and we need someone to fill the role
• Strategic Development Plan for the village happening. Traders are being asked for input
• Events – Frogs night Thurs 9th Sep at Environmental Centre. Pizzas put on by JWPA. BYO drinks
• Blue Light Disco this Saturday
• Re Bevan Lamming invitation to visit, attendees impressed with bird life (Ducks & Swans). Will continue to monitor. Lindy will write a report

Apologies Lin Riley, Craig McVean, Donna Gates, Michael & Karen Lewis, Duane Killick

Minutes of previous meeting – Moved to adopt David Allen, Seconded Don Waters Carried

Correspondence In
• Dona Gates Division 1 Newsletters
• Michael Crandon: Forwards several emails, some relevant to us some not so much. You will see some of these posted to the Facebook page from time to time.
• Advice on break in at Coomera Anglican College Boatshed
• Additional Police Offices in Logan and Gold Coast
• speech to the debate on the Electricity Competition & Protection Legislation Amendment Bill
• New edition of the Outdoor & Environmental Education Sector Newsletter.
• media release in relation to Disability Action Week,
• article, from the Courier Mail regarding noise restriction rules
• Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc in relation to Intra-Regional Transport Corridor, (IRTC).
• Response from Stephanie Drewett, Events Manager, Events Coordination Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Government Explaining that evaluation of grants for 2015 was already underway
• Invitation from Lords to attend the Remembrance Day Service on 11 November 14
• Card of appreciation from Elsie Langfeldt’s family

Correspondence Out
To Stephanie Drewett, Events Manager, Events Coordination, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Government pursuing funds as part of Queensland week 2015

Treasurers Report & Other Finance matters
As treasurer has been oversees since appointment, no treasurers report was tabled
Donation request for $1000 to Christmas Carols Night, moved David Allen, Seconded Don Waters Carried
Cabbo Anzac Memorial – Agreed we do a letter of support
Frog night – David moved that JWPA pay $5 per head for Pizzas. Seconded Marg Waters. Carried

Police Report: Brenda
Blue Light Disco issues – Need volunteers to do tuckshop. Would like financial assistance from JWPA for DJ. Cost approx. $350? Also look at support from the Fishing Club , particularly for the popcorn machine.
David moved that JWPA would pay DJ and keep door and tuckshop takings. Seconded Annie Tiemann. Carried
Neighbourhood Watch up and running at Calypso Bay
Cabbo break-ins, Bowls Club and vehicles. Person arrested. If going away perhaps leave vehicle visible.
Brenda unsure of where cameras were located. David reminded that a condition of JWPA buying them was that they stay in the area. Brenda said they don’t like to disclose location as some were previously damaged.

Community Events 2014 / 15 (Deb Stanton)
• Blue Light Disco
• Summer Competition for school aged children – need ideas that will involve maybe team work, and something to keep kids occupied for a period of time over the holidays
• Arts by the Sea Festival 2015. A date and any planning is yet to be set for this
• Oktoberfest, perhaps long weekend in October. Fits with
Other events being considered:
• Opera in the cane fields maybe year after next
• Boat / Camping sale in conjunction with Horizon Shores
• Movies in the Park – this is also something we are looking at with GCCC.
Deb Stanton

Environmental Sub-Committee – Lindy Salter
Reminded people to contact her if they were interested in the Land Care Group
Bevan Laming has concerns that the water levels in neighbouring pits are too high

Steve Rowe from the Environmental Education Centre – no report

Rocky Point Fire Brigade
Latest project- looking at a diesel generator, to be self-sufficient at all times. Looking at funding it themselves but benefit to the community in that they could be an “emergency location’

General Business:
• Strategic Village Plan feedback – what makes JW unique? Leverage off the “water”. Things like water taxis, environmental walk. Look at attracting visitors to support local traders, especially on weekends.
• David met with David Cramb, Woongoolba principal. Wants to work with the community for mutual benefit
• Don Waters raised the acoustics problem in the hall, it being particularly bad that night. In an amusing innocent incident, Olaf then raised the same issue as he could not hear Don. David to raise with Donna
• Marg Waters suggested it would be nice to have a clock in the hall.
• Timing of shade cloth over play area queried
• Suggested that name-tiles at the skate park be reintroduced. Feedback was that they did not sell well, and we really have to have a “purpose” for reintroduction. Could sell through SSNews. No motion
• Tables at waterfront surrounded with cigarette buts. Need a bin system
• This comment extended into a discussion of the rubbish bins in our town, being ordinary plastic wheelie bins, while other areas of GCCC have aesthetically pleasing bins. Suggestions included attractive or themed bin-surrounds, children’s or adults bin-painting competition. Agreed that JWPA committee put a letter to Donna expressing our displeasure.
• Geoff Bishop said the committee was putting together a list of “clubs” to join in our area, for listing in the SSN and website. Anyone one who thinks a club should be listed, send details to secretary@jacobswell.com.

Meeting closed at 8.30. Next meeting at Cabbage Tree Point Bowls Club on 30th October 2014.