Minutes November 2014

Minutes of General Meeting of Jacobs Well and Districts Progress Association

Held Thursday 27 November 2014 held at Harrigans, Calypso Bay

David welcomed everyone to the final meeting of the year and Christmas breakup

A special thank you to Craig for Chairing the last meeting, Donna & Kyle McKendry from Roche / Calypso Bay for contributing to sponsoring tonight’s meeting including drinks and food

David read a letter from a lady, who lives in Sails Court,

If you don’t live in Sails Court, Jacobs Well, then you are definitely not as lucky as me recently.

After suffering several falls and hospital detention, my neighbours rallied around me helping with cleaning, shopping, washing and drying, and one gentleman spent a couple of days building a bridge over an awkward back step. Many many thanks to everyone


David suggested that this epitomises where we live

David mentioned that we still have a vacancy for the Events Delivery role

Apologies: Steve Rowell, Olaf & Annie Tiemann, Marg & Don Waters, Michael & Karen Lewis, Deb & Gary Stanton, Donna Gates

Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved Elaine James 2nded Craig McVean. Carried

Correspondence In

Dona Gates

    • Division 1 Newsletters
    • Clarification of issues following the October General Meeting
    • Michael Crandon: Forwards several emails, some relevant to us some not so much. You will see some of these posted to the Facebook page from time to time.
    • Get Started Program ,
    • Gold Coast International Marine Expo
    • Parliamentary Speech – Major Events
    • 3 Independent Public Schools in the region
    • Traffic Alerts
    • Pimpama State Primary College
    • Get Playing Grants Program
    • New PCYC (posted to www and Facebook)
    • Notice re Wasp Creek Fire Brigade open day
  • Response re PCYC location utilising existing infrastructure


  • Letter acknowledging the Jacobs Well community

 Correspondence Out

  • Email to Michael Crandon to locate the new PCYC as far north as possible

 Treasurers Report –Lin Riley ran through income & outgoings, and possible reports

  • Move to adopt Clemmie Bishop, Seconder Geoff Bishop. Carried
  • New Auditor, recommendation being prepared for adoption

Police Report – Duane and Brenda (in civvies for the Christmas breakup)

Hooning is still happening. Have extra funding to work 2 out of 4 weekends on late shift. Hooning will always be a problem. All they can do is minimise.

People are using the Hoon line which is best and generates an automatic email to the Jacobs Well Police Beat.

Neighbourhood Watch – Wanting to run it on line but a lot of residents are not on line and prefer the old systems of meetings. Calypso Bay 90% there. Recently stopped 2 guys who were door-knocking there from a stolen car.

Woongoolba Bowls Club and houses on Short Cut Rd were all recently robbed. Trying to get funding for CCTV

If going away on holidays, advise police beat and they will drive by and keep watch. Free security audits available.

David commented on software in US that keeps neighbour watch people in touch

Blue Light Disco Fishing club to help. JWPA to pay DJ and other costs, and collect entry fees etc.

Community Events 2014 /15 Deb Stanton not present but calendar of events includes –

  • Blue Light Disco 29th November – this Saturday 6:00 to 8:00pm


  • Arts by the Sea Festival 2015. 11 / 12 April 2015

Other events being considered:

  • Opera in the cane fields in Conjunction with Woongoolba School. June / July
  • Boat / Camping sale,
  • Movies in the Park – this is also something we are looking at with GCCC.
  • Christmas Lights competition underway. 2 Entries to date with $300, 200, 100 prize money

Environmental Sub –Committee – David Salter

  • Challengers going forward – Sand Mine, Future of cane fields and Helmore Rd development
  • Next Environmental event February 2015. An animal night. Cost $400 at January meeting
  • Bevan Laming concern re neighbours sand ponds above natural surface

Land Care Group – Lindy Salter said the Land Care group started last week. $5 to join. Have approval for funding from Government. Have application for “green army” to help with work. Not sure of eligibility for this but gives good access to workers so will apply.

Rock Point Fire Brigade Noel Haase said Xmas party on 13th Dec was an evening party, not morning as reported in minutes. One actual call-out this month

Question without notice

Re sand mines and concrete crushing, rubbish ends up on roofs of local residences. What is being done to shut them down?

David Salter suggested that they will continue while business and council require sand for building purposes and while they remain compliant. We can find out and monitor if compliant.

Other comments were that truck traffic was biggest problem for the area, Duane Killock said they had monitored truck traffic and most were not speeding, but looked like they were

General Business

David Allen said the Caravan Park ablutions block was to be replacement but recent feedback from council indicated that this may be put off for some time. JWPA will follow up and monitor

Trailer Parking at Cabbo was an ongoing problem. State Gov in now not buying the land for parking and GCCC cannot justify, but is there an opportunity to use it anyway. Maybe other opportunities but insurance is an issue.

Trailer parking at JW is also a major problem. Options include surrounding land but it seems insurance is an issue.

David is following up issues re the Footpath on Stapleton JW Rd with State Gov and council officers

David has produced a list of issues which JWPA will follow up with Council & State Gov and monitor and report progress.

 Close 8.25pm. Next Meeting – Thursday 29 Jan 2015. Cabbage Tree Point at Bowls Club

Food and drinks were enjoyed by all