Minutes May 2014

Jacobs Well Progress Assn –
Minutes of meeting held on 29th may 2014 at Jacobs Well Community Hall

JWPA Committee
President David Allen
Vice President Jodie Rowlands
Treasurer Graeme Quill
Secretary Geoff Bishop

David started the meeting with a brief intro to new committee and welcome to attendees.
He declared the Arts by the Sea Festival a great success, with press coverage, visitors from out of town. He
thanked the team and offered appreciation to sponsors. We still a need to look at lessons learned.

Reiterated that the JW&DPA was incorporated in Jan 1990 with a purpose to
 Encourage good citizenship and civic pride
 Ensure adequate services provided by relevant authorities
 Consult with GCCC and submit constructive proposals (and lobby)
 C-operate with other public organisations eg Rural Fire Brig, VMR, other community groups

Discussed meeting with Coomera Consultative Group – meets Thurs nights at Coomera Police Stn, and
discussions were around surveillance cameras, cyclists and bike tracks

David also met with Darren Langer, GCCC Manager of Community Events (incl Caravan Pk.) Discussed possible
future such as Movies in the park

August AGM 1. All positions vacant. Can nominate from the floor or get forms from Graham Quill.
2. Memberships need to be renewed 1 July Cost $5

Apologies Donna Gates, Kevin Graetz, David Wilson, Gail Donald

Minutes of previous meeting – Moved to adopt Don Waters, Seconded Lurleen

Correspondence In
– Request from Woongoolba Ladies Bowls for 50th birthday donation (postponed for General discussion)
– Request from Woongoolba Bowls for Anzac memorial $6350 (also to Anzac Centenary Local Grants)
(discussion postponed)
– Letter from Michael Crandon re opportunity for small grants program. (opportunity for JW&DPA)
– Donna Gates Division 1 newsletter
Correspondence Out – nil
Moved Don Waters, Seconded Clemmie Bishop

Treasurers Report tabled for period ending 01 February2014
Club Cheque Ac $20275.25
Term Deposit 1 $ 8993.86
Term Deposit 2 $ 7019.22
Total Funds $36288.33
Moved: Annie Tieman, Seconded Clemmie Bishop

Arts by the Sea Festival Deb Stanton presented a budget summary which showed a small profit for the festival.
Approximate figures – Festival costs $6k Income $15k, Book costs $6900. Sales so far $3000.
David said he was blown away that Deb works full time yet ran festival “on the smell of an oily rag” A small
presentation was made to Deb in appreciation of her work.
Don Waters offered congratulations a few words of appreciation.

Donna Gates report, Not in attendance but David read Donna’s letter re allocation of $25,000 for development
of a master plan for Jacobs Well street works.

Police Report – Brenda said she was happy to be back and happy to be welcomed back by locals.
Statistics – 71 “jobs” for the month. 38 infringements, mostly doing 100kph in the 80 zone. 1 DD 3 drunk, 1
graffiti, 4 break-ins, 1 car stolen at Calypso, now recovered, 4 cars evading police (cant pursue unless indictable
offence), 2 vehicles confiscated. (Process – 1st offence -charged and sent to court 2nd car defaults to crown)
2 stealing, 2 wilful damage. There are 11 “wanted” people in our area so be vigilant. If concerned ring in Rego’s.
Now putting offences on facebook. Main result is to see who writes negative comments.
Congrats to Festival committee. Enjoyed musos at Judy’s. Fun getting aircraft in & out. Will bring performers
next year.
Recent crash at exit from shopping centre. Need sign to stop cars parking right of exit to ensure clear vision.
Want to run a Disco in JW. Can’t go out of the district to Beenleigh PCYC. Will put in a request for $300.
Re neighbourhood watch, Calypso is about to start a committee. Cabo will be next. They need someone to run
a “blog”.
If you have neighbour problems contact police. Surveillance cameras are up and running at secret locations.

Environment Sub-committee – David Wilson said review under freedom of information highlighted a number
of issues. Main issues:
1. Concern of effect on fauna & flora.
2.concern of ground water impact on surrounds
3. Report documents massive increase of truck traffic.
4. Visual impact & noise in early hours of the morning.
Two other issues of concern relevant to Council and State Gov Environmental Dept are:
1. Trafic in a fragile environment. Cyclist recently killed in a crash with a truck. Do we send to the
coroner that we are concerned of dangers with current truck volume, size and speed.
2. Dirt and wash from trucks on Pimpama Jacobs Well Rd washing into drains. Question raised – do we
Michael Crandon is an opportunity for grant money to do a study and survey on issues. David Wilson happy to
design in conjunction with Prof Milligan from Uni of Qld

There was discussion re the cyclist death that the truck was not at fault, but concern was expressed as to the
about the amount of traffic.
A motion was put that we provide the coroner with our concerns, Moved David Salter, 2nd David Wilson.
Also a motion put to look at a survey on ground water, Moved David Wilson, 2nd Don Waters

Personnel changes
David raised discussions re expanding the “management committee” by 3, with additional representatives from
other local areas and a community relations person. Will leave until elections in August

General Business
There were requests for donations from
1. Woongoolba Ladies Bowls for 50th anniversary. Agreed on $250. Moved Ron Clarke 2nd Margaret Waters
2. Woongoolba Bowls to construct an Anzac Memorial in Cabbage Tree Point. After much discussion it was
agreed to give them a “letter of support” until it was seen that the Anzac committee was willing to
support them.

It was agreed that the committee provide guidelines for future requests

Rocky Point Rural Fire Brigade had a good day at the festival and thanked the committee for the invite.

Meeting closed at 8.40 Next meeting at Jacobs Well Community hall on 26th June 2014.