Minutes March 2015

Minutes of JW&DPA General Meeting Thursday 25th March

held at Jacobs Well Community Hall

 President                   David Allen                            Vice President:          Craig McVean

Secretary                   Geoff Bishop                         Treasurer                   Lin Riley


David welcomed everyone to the meeting

Apologies: Steve Rowell, Michael Lewis, Nigel Weise

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Move to adopt Karen Lewis Seconder Craig McVean.Carried

 Correspondence In:

Donna Gates

Clarification of Staplyton Road footpath funding

Various responses covering project status

Michael Crandon

Northern Gold Coast Crime Stoppers notice, Jacobs Well hooning, Burglary at Coomera on March 2

37-year-old man who has been reported missing from a Coomera residence

Notification from myPolice Gold Coast regarding; Police from Norfolk Village Police Beat, Ormeau

Follow up from meeting with Mic Rowland, Celebrate our Greats – nominations closing soon

The Buy Smart competition, Jacobs Well Police Beat reminder re Licences

 Correspondence Out:

Note to Cr Gates re meeting with Michael Crandon and funding of Staplyton road footpath

Jacobs Well and District Progress Association Vision and Mission Statement

Geoff Bishop spoke about why the committee felt a need to revisit the vision and mission

David spoke about the Management Committee revisiting the Vision and Mission Statement via workshop and introduced the resulting Vision (“To support a cohesive community and unique lifestyle”) and Mission Statement (“To provide a platform for local residents to come together to build a cohesive community and unique lifestyle by proactively engaging with others to improve facilities, services and promotion of the district”) be adopted and incorporated into the Model Rules.

Don Waters suggested we add “maintain” a unique lifestyle….. Olaf Tiemann suggested that we put it on the website and vote to adopt at the next meeting

Management Committee Vacancy

It was suggested that Lindy Salter be appointed to fill the current vacancy until the next AGM (Model Rules Section 13. (1) Although not present Lindy indicated that she will accept the appointment

 Treasurers Report – Lin Riley

It has been a low transaction month with $39,279.57 in the bank

Lin has spoken to potential auditors who indicated expected costs to be in the vicinity of $500 – $600 pa Move to adopt Geoff Bishop Seconder Gary Stanton Carried

Gold Coast City Council – Cr Donna Gates

Donna apologised for not being able to get to the JWPA meetings but can see it is still going well.

Donna listed ANZAC day services and highlighted that Woongoolba Bowls Club hosting 1st dawn service.

Re Opera in the Cane Fields. Beyond the scope of the budget to support such a big event but funding $250 for hall hire for meetings and $13,000 for 20 new bins before the end of the financial year. Of these 13 will be serviced daily and 4 serviced weekly and 4, 3 times a week

Donna says that while LNP was looking for wholesale change in redevelopment of the cane fields, the new State Gov giving no indication of direction they will go

Re Hooning, getting mobile CCTV camera back in the VMR carpark

Stapleton Jacobs Well foot path – The $400,000 quote was from Pelican to Seaview. She has offered $100,000 which will do Comorant to Seaview. Michael Crandon has said if GCCC did design, he would get the concrete. He has indicated the State government will offer $200,000

Cabbage Tree Point – 4 tables removed, 3 replaced. Due to budget restraints it will not be replaced till 2015/16. There is no basis for rumours of a fertilizer plant being built on Cabbage Tree Point Road

Donna said she received noise complaints from Jacobs Well residents re Harrigans music event. These should go to State Office of Liquor & Gaming

Re Jacobs Well foreshore, (1)doing estimate on fish cleaning facilities for Jetty.(2) Community services and Maritime safety to install signage near boat ramps for tourists and boaties about the waterways.

(3)Gold Coast Waterways Authority and Moreton Bay Marine Parks Authority will be monitoring all issues with regard to moored vessels, anti-foul concerns and environmental health along foreshore, ramp, swimming enclosure. Vessels also cleaning down, carrying out repairs, will be monitored regularly by various State Gov Departments and GC Waterways authority for issues affecting foreshore matters.

 Project Summary as at 26 March 2015

Project Description Status Advised Completion Actual Comment
Rubbish bins
(David Allen}
Upgrade wheelie bins to a bin that fits the village atmosphere Bins approved for installation (Ref Div 1 Jan 15 Newsletter)  May 15 Design underway in conjunction with Streetscape upgrade
Community Hall Attenuation Attenuate the community hall to reduce noise levels for all users Project committed End Dec 14 End Dec 14 Positive feedback from the Social Club
Caravan Park Ablutions
(David Allen)
Upgrade Caravan Park ablutions Part of 14/15 GCCC budget  2016 Design underway for sewage system to cover current and future usage. Disposal of treated effluent an issue. On design completion an application will be made to the EPA

Cabbo Trailer Parking

Improve trailer parking for boat users and community GCCC to review opportunity to reconfigure existing parking and vehicle movement Along with reconfiguration opportunities, Horizon Shores  approached to drop or reduce the launch fee
(Mic Rowland}
Jacobs Well Master Plan Development of a master plan to provide a village feel for Jacobs Well Draft plan exceeded brief and to be revisited by planners End Dec 14 Donna has provided updates on a regular basis
(Geoff Bishop, Craig McVean)
Jacobs Well Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community This is an action that requires options to be developed by the community and discussed with Donna Bay Drive provides an ideal overflow for trailer parking. Hooked on Line approached to provide direction to boaties as trailer park becomes full.Should we charge a parking fee?
(Mic Rowland)
Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road Footpath 



Dave Mayo

David Allen

Footpath between Cormorant and Seaview on the northern side $100,000 from whole of Gold Coast City Council budget and $100,000 from Division 1 budget. City of Gold Coast Director of Engineering Services pursuing State 50/50 funding. The next step appears to be to undertake a design, obtain State approval and then obtain an estimate. By inspection it would appear that $200k would be sufficient budget
Lighting to end of Jetty Provide lighting at end of jetty to facilitate night movements  


Meeting held with Michael Crandon to determine which Department has responsibility. Michael Crandon to advise
Mike Rowland
Gate at end of Jetty Provide a gate at the end of the jetty to allow management of mooring vessels As above
Installation of a Pontoon to allow access for houseboats / cruises etc. Conceptual at this stage Requires research and planning As above
Board walk across mangroves from Harrigans to Jacobs Well Conceptual at this stage A concept to share the unique mangrove environment As above
(David Salter)
Installation of a board walk in the nature reserve Conceptual at this stage Agreement to be reached on design and location As above
{Lindy Salter}


Mic Rowland

Met with Michael Crandon re foreshore issues but received no guidance or help

Re JW trailer parking, maybe use the block next to boat ramp. Needs name of owner. Also suggesting Bay Drive angled in to park. Donna said can’t just use some ones land but agreed could approach someone like Rodney Huth. It was agreed that boaties do not offer much to the town so council could use paid parking in carpark with parking time restrictions in the village.

Police Report – Jacobs Well Police Beat

Concentrating on the hooning issue but will mean the police beat will be closed (6 weeks).Working with VMR trying to get CCTV camera back in the boating carpark. We are part of a “circuit” and running from police is part of the thrill. Hoon line “13HOON” does not get a response but builds support

Youth Group events kicking off in May, working with Bronwyn Lacy, Michael Crandon and PCYC for local kids and transporting them to outside events. Targeting first 17yo then 10 – 17.Will be funded by JW&DPA.

Targeting school zones. Changing signage re speed limits an report any signage issues

Music festival at Harrigans Drift Inn went really well in regard to police issues

 Community Events – Deb Stanton

Arts by the Sea Festival? On hold

Opera in the Cane Fields Status. Noel Herbst has offered his big shed at Gold Coast Tiger Prawns for the event. Current plans are for the event to be BYO food & drinks, with catering available. Target is 300 people with facilities available for up to 500. Watch for tickets

Environmental Education Centre – Don Waters said the animal night was a great event. What do we want next. Also received a grant and help from Green Army

General Business

Don warned that he is to be “locked up” by police who will be seeking $1000 (from JW&DPA) for his release, in a fund raising event for PCYC

Close 9.15pm

Next Meeting – Thursday 30 April 2015 at 7:30pm. Woongoolba Bowls Club, Cabbage Tree Point