Minutes June 2014

Minutes of meeting held on 26th June 2014 at Jacobs Well Community Hall

JWPA Committee
President David Allen
Vice President Jodie Rowlands
Treasurer Graeme Quill
Secretary Geoff Bishop ( Olaf Tiemann for this meeting)

Apologies Kevin Graetz, Judie Rowland, Geoff & Clemmie Bishop, Lindy Salter, Nigel Wise

David started the meeting and welcomed attendees.

August AGM 1. All positions vacant. Can nominate from the floor or get forms from Graham Quill.
2. Memberships need to be renewed 1 July Cost $5. (Latest prior to AGM)

Minutes of previous meeting – Moved to adopt Don Waters, Seconded Margaret Waters

Correspondence In
Donna Gates:
Response re the use of the Community Centre
Note re the opportunity to comment on the 2015 Planning scheme
Division 1 Newsletters
Michael Crandon:
Qld leads the nation in jobs growth, 50% of all jobs in Qld
8 additional Police Graduates being sent to Gold Coast
Get in the Game $21m funding
Task Force Maxima charged a 26 year old man with drug trafficking
Opportunity for business to tender for Commonwealth Games requirements
Phone scam warning
Beven Lamming: Landscape master plan
Thank You Note from the Canefields Garden Group for JW&DPA donation
Thank You Note from Woongoolba Bowling Club for generous JW&DPA donation

Correspondence Out
– To donna gates re use of Community Hall
– To Michael Crandon re funding for footpath on northern side of Jacobs Well – Stapylton Road between Seaview and Cormorant Crescent

Treasurers Report tabled for period ending 01 June 2014
Club Cheque Ac $24,422.28
Term Deposit 1 $ 8993.86
Term Deposit 2 $ 7019.22
Total Funds $40,435.36
Moved: Don Waters, Annie Tiemann,

Upcoming expenses:
Copyright Fees 110.00
46.80 Freedom of information report
Moved: Gayle Lunn, Annie Tiemann

General Business
Donna Gates read from her newsletter: Complete report at http://www.donnagates.net.au/pdf/NL_Jul_14.pdf
– Sound improvement for community hall in the next 6 – 8 weeks
– Cost of hall hire being reconsidered
– Div I growing fasted in GCCC 18% vs 15% average
– More community groups, neighbour hood watch. Guidelines for groups being established
– Summary of Div I budget in Donna Newsletter
– Struggles to meet all her commitment to attend group meeting. However benefits are some improved funding outcomes
– Parks staff will continue to do their great work for us
– Expansion of Stanmore road with ongoing works. Other roadwork’s are almost complete
– Stapylton Jacobs Well road funding from State Government, exact amount not know with possible traffic lights
– Harness Racing at Alberton Road Cnr Zipps Road under consideration to promote the sport for gambling. Largest and fasted track in Australia with low attendance being anticipated.
– Woongoolba pool getting a new pool cover
– Work in cane fields re drainage
– South East Qld Regional Plan under review
– Planning submissions can be reviewed on GCCC website
– Called for feedback on village beautification, etc
– Improvement Shopping centre entry exit re traffic visibility

Questions from the floor:
Rocks on the beach?
Car park at Cabbage tree point car park pot holes to be filled
Park exit to be made safer for kids on bikes

Police Report: Senior Constable Dwain Killick
– Crime report dropped 2 drug arrests at Cabbage tree point stolen property recovered
– Stolen BMW recovered at C tree point
– Neighbourhood disputes including locked up and court with property damage
– Neighbourhood watch at Calypso bay being established hopefully within a month to be expanded
– Facebook asked for support
– Security audits available for houses in the village
– Speeding commented on Facebook 116 speed tickets issued
– Public counter is being used well 99 visitors
– 36 jobs in our area as well as 50 jobs out of area
– Holiday program with bus transport via PCYC will have to wait for next holiday.
Brenda requested to have SSN Police Report with photos so that local police get better known in the community

David Wilson – Environmental Sub-Committee reports…
David stressed the need for community involvement and communication in any rehabilitation discussions.
Truck traffic is an ongoing problem and can only be solved in conjunction with the Dept. of Transport and Main Roads.
Summary of where we are at:
– Now in a much better position to understand the issues
– Clear communications with the main authorities established and must be maintained
– We accept that water quality is of reasonable quality
– We will make submission to Dept. of Transport re traffic volume
– We need to improve communications with operator whom we understand is keen to do so
President acknowledged David’s contribution and the time he has taken to investigate and make the issues accessible to members.

Allan Leggert, holder of ERA and quarry license, who rents a shed on the yard in the middle of the sand mining facility, states that Quality of the water is not being tested enough and members should asked for more monitoring of water quality. GCCC not doing enough to check on things.

Bevin Lamming, Owner of Wholesale Sands, south end of sand mining lease, refuted that and pointed out that water, soil and sand is tested weekly. A photo of black swans shown as evidence. Highly regulated lake by any standards, DERM, GCCC etc. He invited members to take samples themselves and satisfy JWPA concerns.
President invited both speakers to meet and check testing regimes.
Future of the site: Bevin has proactively commissioned site plans and will sell the site back to BCCC for $1.00 when the sand mining is coming to an end.
He was asked for a possible end date, but was not willing to speculate.
More concrete being poured to mitigate truck going over centre of road.
Donna mentioned Bevin’s compliance will all council requirements and his contribution to park improvement.
President mentioned that plan for the site could become a major local and regional benefit.
David Wilson and President thanked Bevin for his open responses.

Debbie Stanton – Events Manager reports…
Community Events 2014 / 15
Arts by the Sea Festival 2015. Seek approval in principal
Opera in the cane fields
Boat / Camping sale in conjunction with Horizon Shores
Movies in the Park
Move that the Events sub-committee revert with a 2014 / 15 plan.
Requested that ideas for 2014 / 15 events be submitted to Debbie

General Business:
Gail Donald lobbied Telstra Local Business Development Specialist creating pressure to upgrade services. Some improvement of speed has been noticed, however the mobile service it is still oversubscribed. Some lines had faults and are being investigated. Mobile tower was discussed and will be built in the next financial period.

Need for foot path from Seaview Rd and Cormorant Crescent. Donna may have some plans and feedback being sought.
Reminder: Membership due by 1st July 2014 at $5.00

Meeting closed at 8.57 Next meeting at Cabbage Tree Point on 31th June 2014.