June 2015

Minutes of General Meeting on 25th June 2015 at 7.30 pm
at Harrigan Hotel, Calypso Bay

President David Allen Vice President: Craig McVean
Secretary Geoff Bishop Treasurer Lin Riley

Cancer Council morning tea. Congratulations to Lurlene Schmidt. Raised $2,920.10

Michael Crandon, Duane Killick, Steve Rowell, Mick Rowland, Gary Stanton, David & Lindy Salter

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Move to adopt Elaine James, Seconder Clemmie Bishop, Those in favour – Carried

JW & D Progress Assn – Vision & Mission Statement
Next step are to incorporate changes into the Association rules and review documentation to reflect our cohesive community and maintenance of our unique lifestyle.

Membership forms to be completed with membership renewal and completed in full for new memberships
Geoff Bishop – away for 7 weeks and looking for someone to take minutes, share or take over as Secretary

Correspondence In:
Donna Gates
Local Newsletter June 2015, Division 1 Grants Spreadsheet, Allocation of Improvements
Rubbish bins under construction
Michael Crandon
Biggest morning tea, Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (ice), Parliamentary speeches
Labours IR Laws, Samsung Product recall, Parliamentary Committee activities
Changes to red imported fire ant restricted areas
Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports (Mark Bailey)
Confirmation re compliance action and ongoing monitoring of vessels – David read letter to meeting
Thanks from Lurleen for support and help for biggest morning tea
Correspondence Out:
Note to Michael Crandon re Street scaping, Note to Cr Gates acknowledging sewerage spill follow up
Certificate of appreciation to Noel Herbst

Treasurers Report – Lin Riley
Income for month – $500 book sales, SSN $2,200 Donation $1000. Going for Gambling Fund Grant
Opera – Receipts $7,353 Outgoings $9,950. First year expect a loss but now regular event and will improve
All files go to the auditor next week. Nex year changing banks from Heritage to Bendigo Beenleigh
Move to adopt Bronny Allen, Seconder Lurlene Schmidt, Those in favour

Gold Coast City Council – Cr Donna Gates
Congratulations to committee for Opera in the Cane Fields. $2000 down for first event with little support is a good result. Donna is providing a $5000 grant for next year’s event.
Changes to approved plan for Calypso Bay. Golf course is being removed from plan. Most residents are in favour of this as it would be funded by the Body Corporate. Most golf courses are struggling these days as people have difficulty finding 4 hrs for a game. Will not increase housing density. Awarded commercial architect Roberts Day is working on a design for “communal activities”
Re Village beautification, the proposal was knocked back by Main Roads (DTMR). However discussions with DTMR Director looking positive. Michael Crandon lobbied as well. DTMR and council officers having discussions and maybe a solution in 3 weeks.
Also checked trailer facilities and decided that current facilities are great.
Minister Mark Bailey responded to a query regarding habitation on vessels.
Complaint re vehicles on new yellow lines at Cabbo. Inspected three times in June and always clear.
Repairs carried out on shade sail at JW Community Hall
Clearing of drain at Cormorant Cr has hit a hurdle as main blockage is in State area. Not willing to let council do it so still making representation. Drain from Dungara Pk to Cormorant has been cleared.
Commercial Bins were to be cleared twice a week. Only happening once a week. Will follow up.
Ongoing dust complaints on Pimpama/JW Road and Behms Rd. Officers have inspected and advise wheel washes and shaker grates are working (as well as expected) and that a certain amount of dirt is expected on roads on rural domain where extractive industry exists.
Requests issued questioning the volume of chemicals used and an increase in midge numbers
Queries were receive regarding 1. Parking restrictions between Esplanade park (no changes), 2. Truck parking near roundabout, 3. Trucks parking on the footpath and facing wrong direction, 4. Road sholder damage on Pimpama/JW road from constant road watering, 5. Erosion occurring at 50 & 52 Esplanade
Some new line markings have double lines on certain driveways not allowing legal access.
Hoons dumping tyres and debris in council drain. Will have them cleared
Harness Racing approval Cnr Zipf/Alberton Rd. Low attendance, min operating hours so no noise problem.
Whole of city curb side clean up coming in July
Footpath at Cabbage Tree Point linking shops– Too expensive and not in the budget
Loves Rd Auto (relocation of Archerfield speedway) not yet approved

Project Summary as at 26 March 2015

Project Description Status Advised Completion Actual Comment
Rubbish bins
(David Allen} Upgrade wheelie bins to a bin that fits the village atmosphere Bins approved for installation (Ref Div 1 Jan 15 Newsletter) 30 June 15
16/6: Donna advised bins are under construction
Community Hall Attenuation Attenuate the community hall to reduce noise levels for all users Project committed End Dec 14 End Dec 14 Positive feedback from the Social Club
Caravan Park Ablutions
(David Allen) Upgrade Caravan Park ablutions Part of 14/15 GCCC budget 2016 Design underway for sewage system to cover current and future usage. Disposal of treated effluent an issue. On design completion an application will be made to the EPA

Cabbo Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community GCCC to review opportunity to reconfigure existing parking and vehicle movement Along with reconfiguration opportunities, Horizon Shores approached to drop or reduce the launch fee. Donna meet with Waterways Authority and raised issue
(Mic Rowland}

Jacobs Well Master Plan Development of a master plan to provide a village feel for Jacobs Well $30,000 allocated by GCCC for improvements. Main roads has rejected design End Dec 14 Note sent to Michael Crandon requesting a meeting and a way forward
(Geoff Bishop, Craig McVean)
Jacobs Well Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community Donna initiated a GCCC study to determine required no of additional parks Bay Drive provides an ideal overflow for trailer parking. Hooked on Line approached to provide direction to boaties as trailer park becomes full.
Should we charge a parking fee?
Petition to be submitted to Cr Gates
(Mic Rowland)
Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road Footpath

Dave Mayo
David Allen Footpath between Cormorant and Seaview on the northern side $100,000 from whole of Gold Coast City Council budget and $100,000 from Division 1 budget. City of Gold Coast Director of Engineering Services pursuing State 50/50 funding. Email from Michael Crandon 28 April 2015 confirmed funding in conjunction with Gold Coast. Design underway

No confirmation re completion

Lighting to end of Jetty Provide lighting at end of jetty to facilitate night movements Meeting held with Michael Crandon to determine which Department has responsibility. Michael Crandon advised that Gold Coast Waterways authority should be approached.
Mike Rowland
Gate at end of Jetty Provide a gate at the end of the jetty to allow management of mooring vessels As above
Installation of a Pontoon to allow access for houseboats / cruises etc. Conceptual at this stage Requires research and planning As above
Board walk across mangroves from Harrigans to Jacobs Well Conceptual at this stage A concept to share the unique mangrove environment As above
(David Salter)
Installation of a board walk in the nature reserve Conceptual at this stage Agreement to be reached on design and location As above
{Lindy Salter}

Police Report – Jacobs Well Police Beat
Robbery in Jacobs Well. Did anyone see anything suspicious?
Report if you see anything illegal. Police do action it. Eg writes a letter to them. May have an effect
Sunday 12 July, Youth event free, $2 sausage sizzle, $2 drinks – Brenda away.
Thanks to JW &D Progress Assn for help with youth program. Thanks from JWPA to police for the program

Community Events – Deb Stanton
Opera 2016 Status – shed and opera company booked for 2016. Will become successful
Monthly markets – Craig has 60 stall holders for this Sunday. Deb speaking to experienced market person re running a Farmers Market, extending in green belt

Environmental Sub-Committee – David Salter absent but focused on ensuring commercial sites comply

Land Care Group – Lindy Salter not present

Environmental Education Centre – Steve Rowell not present but wild pizza nites good and will continue. Need to understand bandicoot situation and population

Rocky Point Fire Brigade – Noel Haase – Only one call this month but things will change. Massive cane grop this year and many will need to burn off before harvest. Does cause problems with smoke blocking roads, so much care has to be taken. Thank-you to all for support on Rocky Point open day

General Business
Membership renewal 2015 – 2016
Vote on timing for start of progress meeting being 7 or 7.30. Vote indicated support for 7pm start


Next Meeting – Thursday 30 July 2015 at 7:00pm. Jacobs Well Community Centre