Minutes July 2014

Minutes of meeting held on 31st July 2014 at Cabbage Tree Point Bowls Club

JWPA Committee
President David Allen (absent this meeting)
Vice President Jodie Rowlands (ran the meeting)
Treasurer Graeme Quill
Secretary Geoff Bishop

Welcome and Intro
• Footpath, Seaview to Cormorant. Main Roads response identified GCCC as being responsible. Donna recommending a combined footpath / bike path and to confirm inclusion in whole of city pathway plan
• Website & Facebook? Now updated with new info –incl events program for 14/15 & meeting schedule
• Acknowledge Lindy Salter on having a total of 300books sold – Reflections on a Lost Island.
• David Wilson is moving back to the UK. Acknowledge his contribution to the Progress Assn; Lindy Salter will take over the role in heading the environmental Sub-Committee,
• August AGM, 28th August
o All Management positions vacant. Nomination form available online or nominate from floor
o Membership to be renewed 1 July $5 (Membership posted on www /members)

Apologies David Allen, Councillor Donna Gates, Duane Killick

Minutes of previous meeting – Moved to adopt Don Waters, Seconded Clemmie Bishop

Correspondence In
Donna Gates:
• $14,000 spent on acoustics in Community Centre. (Shade sails + SeaSaw going in)
• Note re the opportunity to comment on the 2015 Planning scheme. Please look and give feedback.
• Division 1 Newsletter. Main issue -State Gov has overridden Council recommendations and has included 3 possibly new (sand?) extraction sites in the area
• Response to footpath request
• Division 1 donation budget
Michael Crandon: Forwards several emails,. Some posted to the facebook page
• Building disputes to be resolved faster and cheaper
• Energy rebates for pensioners and vulnerable Queenslanders
• The Community Benefit Fund – Amalgamation of four funding programs into one fund
• Have your say to map out the future of Education in Queensland
• Review of the Building Act 1975, the review of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
• Queensland nightlife to get a lot safer
• State Government funding boost for North Gold Coast community groups
• Queensland aquaculture draft report.Valuing Diversity Grants for multicultural events in 2015
• Grants to Queenslanders (we will apply)
Thank you’s from Rural Fire Brigade, Woongoolba Bowls Club and Queensland Cancer Council
Correspondence Out
• To Department of Transport and Main Roads requesting a contact for the Seaview – Cormorant footpath – confirming that it is the responsibility of local council.
• Letter was sent to Department of Transport and Main Roads requesting a review of district roads with respect to the volume of heavy vehicles.
• To Donna Gates pursuing progression of Seaview – Cormorant footpath
• To QPD Jacobs Well Police Beat confirming gifting of cameras for Jacobs Well Beat use only as initially they were on loan to the Police Beat.

Treasurers Report tabled for period ending 01 July 2014
Club Cheque Ac $ 21636.71
Term Deposit 1 & 2 $ 16664.28
Total Funds $ 38300.99

Upcoming expenses:
Audit report $400
Moved: David Wilson. 2nd Debbie Stanton,

Community Events
Jodie Rowlands said we have to find a summer holidays competition for shool aged children. Noel Haase suggested we could have billy cart races at Rocky Point Hill.
Also looking for weekend events to run in conjunction with the caravan park
We now have regular markets at the JW Tavern last Sunday of the month. Looking for stalls. Can sell anything

Police Report: Senior Constable Brenda
Neighbourhood watch meeting at Harrigans 19th Sep. Calypso will be the trial for other areas
Blue light discos happening but waiting for the bus to be offered by Beenleigh PCYC.
Weapons training/grading at Environmental centre Fri & Sat.
One way screws (100)available for numberplates. Cameras now working around JW.
Brenda has been in Jacobs Well 7 years last week. JW police been used outside JW quite a lot.
Hooning complaints – don’t put on facebook. Get the licence plate number & ring 131444 to report.
Brenda suggested that they put yellow lines along trouble spots so they can book them for parking
Noel Haase said they are lighting fires in cane fields to burn cars. If you see black smoke report immediately.

David Wilson – Environmental Sub-Committee reports…
Progress Assn has written to Dept Health and Environment and Dept Transport about truck traffic re the recent Death of a cyclist and the speed of the trucks. Report also needs to go to the police regarding waterway traffic.
He wants to arrange a meeting with the owner of the sand mine in August to address concerns
If there are to be 3 new approved mine sites, our experience means we can be much more active from the start

Tony Eaton wants to see a letter go to Donna re Helmore Rd building site re
1. Clearing of site good but not so the easement, so rain runoff has nowhere to go
2. New owners need a show cause notice so that problems are addressed
3. Everyone would like info of what is planned for the site. Maybe Invite to the meeting
David Wilson says we need a plan of how to deal with new development proposals.

Steve Rowe from the Environmental Education Centre suggested ways to combat to developments that don’t fit.
Also In response to questions re smells emanating from Beams Crk and Horison Shores, these are caused by rotting mangrove seeds that were not getting washed out to sea.

General Business:
Noel Haase said the Rocky Point Fire brigade had their AGM. No changes.
They had also put in a fire trail from Woodswallow St to Behms Creek
Also wanted to know when we would be doing “frog nights” and “butterfly nights”

Reminder: Membership due by 1st July 2014 at $5.00

A thanks to Woongoolba Bowls Club for the venue.
Don Waters suggested we could hold a meeting at the Environmental centre

Meeting closed at 8.25 Next meeting at Jacobs Well Community Hall on 28th August 2014.