Minutes January 2015

Minutes of JW&DPA General Meeting Thursday 29 January 2015
held at Cabbage Tree Point Bowling Club

President David Allen Vice President: Craig McVean
Secretary Geoff Bishop Treasurer Lin Riley

David welcomed everybody back to 2015 and thanked everyone for their contribution for 2014
Don Waters spoke of the sad passing of Elizabeth Herbst, offering sympathies to Noel from the JWPA
Donna gates, Lindy Salter, David Salter, Craig McVean, Michael & Karen Lewis, Noel Haase,

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Move to adopt David Allen Seconder Annie Tiemann Carried

Correspondence In:
Donna Gates – Various acknowledgements of correspondence
Michael Crandon – Many and varied
David Highlighted – Buy Locally, (butcher, local vouchers, caravan park, fish and chips)
Know your police beat (population increase to 10,000, Woongoolba School urban status)
Warning of Stolen Car * Staplyton Roadworks

Others:-Parliamentary speech, Re Ormeau Tavern break-in, Northern Gold Coast High Schools
Premier’s Anzac winner, Get Going and Get Playing Funding. Environment funding grants
Change to minor traffic incidents reporting process, Increase in break-ins in Coomera area
Exit 54 status, Gambling Benefit Fund

Correspondence Out:
To Cr Gates re consultative process for Village scape
To Cr Gates re GCCC Project summary
To Cr Gates re Footpath on Jacobs Well – Stapylton Road
To Michael Crandon re increase in population to 10,000
To Michael Crandon seeking clarification on Staplyton roadwork
To Cr Gates seeking clarification of planning feedback

Treasurers Report – Lin Riley (attached)
Move to adopt Seconder Those in favour
David flagged that there may be a change of Banks?

Christmas Lights winners – Geoff Bishop
Geoff congratulated the winners and handed out certificates to 1st Merle Gierke, 2nd Linda Cristoffel and 3rd Danielle & Greg Talbot. (Prize money had already been sent) Geoff suggested changes for next year –
1. Judge earlier and publish results on the web so that people could visit winners and other entries,
2. Divide the district into 3 divisions (Jacobs Well, Calypso Bay and Cabbo and award a trophy for the best area, maybe to be kept at JWT, Harrigans or Woongoolba Bowls Club. Merle Gierke provided a trophy for the competition.

Gold Coast City Council – Cr Donna Gates not present

Project Summary
David referred to a table of issues and projects under consideration by the JW&DPA committee, as attach..
Main points of discussion were :- Caravan park ablutions block, Trailer parking at Cabbo and Jacobs Well, Village streetscape, Long term plans for the area,
It was suggested that someone be in charge of each issue to follow through to completion.

Police Report –by Brenda. (Duane away 1 more month at gun training)
1. Neighbourhood watch system changed. Now linked to Coomera Police Division
2. Brenda has written and updated her Blog. Send your email address to Lee.brenda@police.qld.gov.au to get weekly or fortnightly updates on crime in the area
3. Getting a new police officer next month.
4. Hooning still happening at Norwell, School Rd and JW roundabout. Got car rego but cant identify driver. If you see hooning, get rego and ring 000 if you feel unsafe or hoon line.

Community Events – Deb Stanton
Arts by the Sea Festival – May have to move. Waiting for answers from opera people to run in conjunction with Opera in the Cane Fields
Other activities under consideration – Boat / Camping Sale and Movies in the Park

Environmental Sub-Committee -David Salter not present but we have photos of North End dust with workmen wearing dust masks. Will bring to attention of GCCC and see if they are compliant.
Steve Rowell Animal night at the Environmental Centre, 24 February 2015. Have enlisted the services of a local animal expert. Steve has seen him in action and said he will put on a show
Estimated Costs – Martin will be about $350 for the night.and allow $150 for catering. Total $450
Move to adopt David Allen Seconder Don Waters Carried
Mick suggested we repeat a Fishing Club night where kids were taught how to tie up mud crabs.

Land Care Group – Lindy Salter not present
David said he had looked at the proposed work area behind Greenfinch and it is amazing. Keen to see it be made more accessible.

David asked everyone to acknowledge Margaret Waters contribution to the SSN, Current issue no 240 = 20 years. Her good work was recognised and thanked with a bottle of Moet.

General Business
Anzac Memorial at Woongoolba Bowls Club –Zeke Wulff and Daren gave a presentation on what was proposed to be built and the estimated construction costs. They have already spent $6,500 plus free community labour (12 people at a working bee). So far they have received $3,599 from the 100 year Anzac fund, $1,500 from council and are looking at donations through a “buy a brick” program if people wish to contribute. They highlighted that it was a community project and will run a dawn service on Anzac day starting this year for the whole community, involving local schools. They are seeking a contribution from JW&DPA and it was proposed to give $2,500.
Moved Olaf Tiemann, seconded Deb Stanton. Carried

Proposed that JW&D committee revisit Objectives and Purpose, in late February early March

Ukulele Club – Grant and Melinda Kidd propose to start a Ukulele Club at the Community Hall on Tuesdays at say 6.30 to 8.30 pm for anyone interested. Melinda is a music teacher and proposes it for basic to solo performers. A reasonable membership fee will be set. For anyone interested, grab a ukulele (buy a good one from a music shop) and turn up Tuesdays at 6.30pm

There is a Community Variety Show at Upper Coomera once a month. $5 for entry and bus.,

A GCCC brochure on Living with Midges and Mozzies will be available at the Community Centre

Bronny Allen asked what is happening with future Blue Light Discos.
David said Duane is looking at an alternative program..

Elaine noted 1. Shelter sheds were a disgrace and never cleaned, and 2. Picnic tables at Cabo were taken away 3 weeks before Xmas and are not back yet (incl Australia day.) Poor timing.
David will add to projects list

Closed 8.55 Next Meeting–Thurs 26 Feb 2015 at 7:30pm. Jacobs Well Community Centre