Minutes August 2014

Minutes of meeting held on 28thy August 2014 at Jacobs Well Community Hall

JWPA Committee

President                     David Allen

Vice President             Jodie Rowlands (unavailable)

Treasurer                    Graeme Quill

Secretary                     Geoff Bishop

 Welcome and Intro

David welcomed everybody, discussed the process of holding the AGM

Geoff Bishop read the (section of) minutes from the previous AGM

Graham Quill produced the audit report and discussed the year in general. While outgoings for the year of approx. $43,000 exceeded expenses by roughly $900, the Assn had made donations approx. $10,000 during the year.

Moved: Gary Stanton 2nd Craig McVean

Donna took the chair to run the AGM (see separate minutes)

 Donna Gates Report

Donna, needing to move on gave her report first

1. Mud again on Pimpama/JW Rd. Street sweeper there 10am this morning

2. Consultation JW Village-More complaints than positive ideas. Only Water & Sewerage – whivh no one wants Concept proposals being prepared.Will present to meeting

Whats happening in canefields? – QIC interested, IMETT still around + private developers.

Rumour is that the Sugar Mill will close in 2 years. 250,000 tons prev year. 150,000 this year.

New quarry application is going to be reviewed. State gov overriding buffer zones set by council

3. Bus funding for holidays – able to do out of Div1 budget if event is funded by Div1, and if driver has the appropriate licence and “inducted“ on the bus and adequate steps are taken re security of the bus.

4. Letter re flooding concerns 1090 P/JW Rd. Noplans lodged for site yet. Notices have been issued to owner.

5. New guidelines are being developed regarding the provision of pedestrian and cycle facilities on State transport facilities within GCCC should clarify issues re Cormorant to Seaview.

6. Graham Quill re rock wall collapse – Owner notified and referred to DEHP

7. Mobile camera – the Lodge and looking at Skopps Rd and surrounds

8. Bait and tackle shop lease expired. Thanks (and sympathies) to Rex and Lyn for many years of great service. Council wanting to knock it down 6 months ago but Donna was able to have order recinded

While sad, Donna offered congratulations and support to the successful tenderer who will continue to develop and improve the site, which should be good for Jacobs Well

Questions : Shopper Bus?                                    Who owns new quarry application?

What happens if mill closes? There would need to be a Public Benefit Assessment(PBA) run by State Government. There would be a plan that has to be acceptable for the area.

ApologiesDon & Marg Waters, Clemmie Bishop, Jodie Rowlands, Sharmaine

Minutes of previous meeting – Moved to adopt Craig McVean,Seconded Elaine James Carried

Correspondence In

  • Note from Donna Gates re Location and types of rubbish bins in Jacobs Well
  • Note from Donna re the opportunity to comment on the 2015 Planning scheme
  • Dona Gates Division 1 Newsletters
  • Shade sails to be erected mid-August to Community Centre?
  • Acknowledgement of application re Draft Plan
  • Michael Crandon: Forwards several emails, some relevant to us some not so much.
  • 43 first year constables inducted into the Queensland Police Service
  • Crime down and Queensland families safer
  • e-petition Launch – Mandatory education for new drivers licence applicants and traffic offenders
  • New Pimpama Primary – opening in 2015
  • Letter from Acting District Director, South Coast, Transport and Main Roads re the adequacy of the JW&D road networks response to JW&DPA letter expressing concern at the inadequacy of the road network
  • Get Going and Get Playing funding programs
  • Response from Transport and Main Roads to concern raised by JW&DPA as to adequacy of local roads
  • Thank you and Certificate of Apprec’n from Olivia Weise for our support of LORDS Kokoda Challenge
  • Email from Caroline Johnston re 8 Pelican Pde development

Correspondence Out

  • To Donna Gates pursuing funds from the Divisional 1 Budget.
  • To Chief Executive Officer, GCCC re comments on Draft City Plan

 Treasurers Report (read by Geoff Bishop) tabled for period ending 01 August 2014

Club Cheque Ac                      $ 22,274.04

Term Deposit 1 & 2                $ 16,664.28

Total Funds                              $ 38,938.32

Moved to Adopt – Elaine James 2nd – Deb Stanton— Carried

 Motion is to increase the management committee from 4 to 7. David Allen

The purpose is to increase the Management Committee to allow an increased focus on building a cohesive community and to provide a District focus. The intent is to liaise with the community and build an events program followed by delivery of events. As a volunteer committee there is need to ensure adequate resource are available to deliver planned events and maximise utilisation of available Government grants. Of the three new positions, one member to fulfil the role of Planning and Community Liaison, one role to focus on Events Delivery, and one to represent Cabbage Tree Point area. It is assumed that the Treasurer would also represent Calypso Bay. Moved Karen Lewis 2nd Deb Stanton Carried

 Nominations from the floor

Planning and Community Liaison       Deb Stanton Nominated David Allen          2nd Craig McVean      Carried

Events Delivery                                   Kate Ross        Nominated but absent

Cabbage Tree Pt representative        Elaine James   Nominated David Allen           2nd Craig McVean      Carried

 Police Report: No Police present

 David Wilson – Environmental Sub-Committee reports…(See separate minutes)

Further discussion centred on 8 Pelican Parade development application with some for and against.

David suggested that following Liaison with GCCC Compliance officers that maximum leverage is obtained by individual submissions. In addition the GCCC had set significant requirements of the Developer over and above the original application

Steve Rowe from the Environmental Education Centre –

They offer educational services to Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Community. They are planning a number of eventsto run in conjunction withJWPA. Opportunity for frog, butterfly and snake nights.

Developed a new partnership with UQ for “Mangrove Watch” They will video mangroves at different stages with a view to examine changes from a scientific perspective

General Business:

Lindy Salter would like to start a land care group and requested people contact her if interested

 Meeting closed at 8.55 Next meeting at Jacobs Well Community Hall on 25th September 2014.



Donna gates took the chair, congratulated the Progress Association on being a good Association, thanked the office bears for the work done and declared all positions vacant

Written nominations were received as follows

President – David Allen -Nominated Olaf Tiemann 2nd Annie Tiemann – Carried

Vice President – Craig McVean -Nominated David Allen 2nd Geoff Bishop – Carried

Secretary – Geoff Bishop -Nominated Olaf Tiemann 2nd Annie Tiemann – Carried

Treasurer – Lin Reily – Nominated Geoff Bishop 2nd David Allen – Carried but Lin not present (overseas) and yet to accept on her return

Donna congratulated the office bearers and wished them well for the year ahead.