Minutes April 2015

Minutes of General Meeting on 30th April 2015 at 7.30 pm
at Woongoolba Bowls Club Cabbage Tree Point

President David Allen Vice President: Craig McVean
Secretary Geoff Bishop Treasurer Lin Riley
David thanked everyone for attending with weather so inclement. Intending to make meeting shorter than last, asking everyone to respect the person speaking and will move the meeting on if floundering

Apologies: Donna Gates, Craig McVean, Michael & Karen Lewis, Jan Pickson, Steve Rowell

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Move to adopt Don Waters, Seconder Clemmie Bishop All in favour Carried

Jacobs Well and District Progress Association Vision and Mission Statement
Move that the proposed Vision (“To support a cohesive community and maintain an unique lifestyle”) and Mission Statement (“To provide a platform for local residents to come together to build a cohesive community and maintain an unique lifestyle by proactively engaging with others to improve facilities, services and promotion of the district”) be adopted and incorporated into the Model Rules
Moved David Allen, Seconder Don Waters Carried

Correspondence In:
Donna Gates
Acknowledgement of ‘email re sewage’ from boats going into JW basin, and response to such concerns and prolonged beaching of boats.
Michael Crandon
Response to JW&D query on walkway, Cabbage Tree Point to Jacobs Well, lack of Boat Trailer Parking at Jacobs Well and the history to procure land for trailer parking. Inclusive Soccer Program
Exit 54 and Coomera Town Centre are go. Population of 10,000 for Jacobs Well identified in incorrect in Police blog. Notice of Anzac services. Approval of funds for Staplyton – JW Rd footpath, a combined effort between State Gov and GCC
Zeke Wolf Note of appreciation for financial support of ANZAC memorial

Correspondence Out:
Note to Donna Gates re concerns over boat sewage discharge into the Jacobs Well Basin and monitoring of e-coli counts in the swimming enclosure

Treasurers Report – Lin Riley
Received $124 interest for month bringing funds to $20,814 in the general a/c + $17,266 in term deposit.
Secured the services of an auditor for $500 pa. Moved Don Waters Seconded Elaine James Carried
Spoken to Bendigo Bank re a change of Banks. Can offer better community support and member benefits
Department of Justice and Attorney General Gambling Community Benefit Fund – possibility of $35k if we present a good cause. A community bus was one of the suggestions Closes 31 May
PCYC will put Don in Jail and ask JW&DPA for $1000 to release him. Don spoke of the good work that they do and David spoke of the assistance they are giving (particularly transport) to Duane’s youth program.
Move to adopt David Allen, .Seconder Mic Rowlands Carried

Gold Coast City Council – Cr Donna Gates Not present
Project Summary at 26 March 2015

Project Description Status Advised Completion Actual Comment
Rubbish bins
(David Allen} Upgrade wheelie bins to a bin that fits the village atmosphere Bins approved for installation (Ref Div 1 Jan 15 Newsletter) 30 June 2015
Completion date advised by Donna at 26 March General Meeting
Community Hall Attenuation Attenuate the community hall to reduce noise levels for all users Project committed End Dec 2014 End Dec 2014 Positive feedback from the Social Club
Caravan Park Ablutions
(David Allen) Upgrade Caravan Park ablutions Part of 14/15 GCCC budget 2016 Design underway for sewage system to cover current and future usage. Disposal of treated effluent an issue. On design completion an application will be made to the EPA
Cabbo Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community GCCC to review opportunity to reconfigure existing parking and vehicle movement Along with reconfiguration opportunities, Horizon Shores approached to drop or reduce the launch fee
(Mic Rowland}

Jacobs Well Master Plan Development of a master plan to provide a village feel for Jacobs Well Draft plan exceeded brief and to be revisited by planners End Dec 2014 Donna has provided updates on a regular basis
(Geoff Bishop, Craig McVean)
Jacobs Well Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community This is an action that requires options to be developed by the community and discussed with Donna Bay Drive provides an ideal overflow for trailer parking. Hooked on Line approached to provide direction to boaties as trailer park becomes full.
Petition underway at JWT
(Mic Rowland)
Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road Footpath

Dave Mayo
David Allen Footpath between Cormorant and Seaview on the northern side $100,000 from whole of Gold Coast City Council budget and $100,000 from Division 1 budget. City of Gold Coast Director of Engineering Services pursuing State 50/50 funding. Email from Michael Crandon 28April confirmed funding in connection with Gold Coast Council. Design underway

Lighting to end of Jetty Provide lighting at end of jetty to facilitate night movements Meeting held with Michael Crandon to determine which Department has responsibility. Michael Crandon advised that Gold Coast Waterways authority should be approached.
Mike Rowland
Gate at end of Jetty Provide a gate at the end of the jetty to allow management of mooring vessels As above
Installation of a Pontoon to allow access for houseboats / cruises etc. Conceptual at this stage Requires research and planning As above
Board walk across mangroves from Harrigans to Jacobs Well Conceptual at this stage A concept to share the unique mangrove environment As above
(David Salter)
Installation of a board walk in the nature reserve Conceptual at this stage Agreement to be reached on design and location As above
{Lindy Salter}

Mic Rowlands foreshore and trailer parking issues
Trailer Parking – Last week there were 29 trailers parked in the main street. Still an issue
Council has reconfigured the foreshore, including replacement of grass at enclosure
There is wide spread concern regarding disposal of sewerage from people living on boats in the Jacobs Well waters. Contact Glen Jackson 075539 7383 at Gold Coast Water Ways re sewerage directly into the water. Other contacts – Steve Miles, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Queensland Parks, Wildlife. Peter Strickland 07 5581 6220 from Gold Coast Council is the first contact re boats on the foreshore. Also responsible for dry docked boats is Moreton Bay Marine Authority

Police Report – Jacobs Well Police Beat Duane & Brenda
Recently have been pulled into Coomera issues. Met with Des Lacey in effort to get back to JW and now will be doing patrols on pushbikes. Will enable them to mix with local youth and can now better control their own time, though still mostly Mon – Fri and difficult to work weekends,
Current affair show on Hooning was good as brings it to management’s attention. David said that it threatens locals travelling home and will write to Des Lacey and ask for it to be addressed. Duane says it is a good time to address it with the bikie unit able to switch to hooning but it needs a collaborative effort.
First Youth Event coming up on 8th May. Proposal is for JW$DPA to contribute $5 (Total cost $20) per head $100 max plus contribution to prizes $30 Moved David Seconder Marg Waters Carried
Have put JW&DPA CCTV cameras back into the boat ramp. No activity yet
Two locals charged with DUI. One at .27 (over 5 times the limit) at 10am. The other double the limit. Other offences were a boat stolen, a boat break-in and drug charges (not locals)
At CTP someone is putting offensive cards on boats with trailers parked illegally. Not for locals to do.
Meeting with Des seeking to do more courses. Brenda is doing “shipping inspectors” course, so able to book boaties for rego and licencing offences in the area.
Not happy someone poisoning magpies in the park, and someone racially abusing Kiwi martial art group.

Community Events – Deb Stanton away so Opera in the Cane Fields Status provided by David Allen
Planning well in hand based on a balanced budget that also supports Woongoolba School ($500), Rocky Point Fire Brigade ($500) and VMR. Other than payment for graphics there has been no firm commitment to date. Based on the sale of 250 tickets at $57.50 each the bottom line balance is $600. All costs are being managed as “Opera” in MYOB. (There is a risk management plan in place in the event of poor sales.)
It is moved by David that JW&DPA proceed with presentation of Opera in the Vine Yards based on an expected sale of 250 tickets at $57.50 each with a bottom line balance of $600 based on the sale of 250 tickets
Seconded Elaine James Carried

Environmental Sub-Committee – David Salter
Re e-coli count, council monitors that weekly. Swimming enclosure has been closed once.
Jason Rogers meeting provided a “pollution hot line” 1300130372. Problem is that Dep. Environment & Heritage Protection DEHP put conditions on sites but no one monitors this
On 16th June there is a BIRDS & BUSH Tucker night on at the environmental centre with Pizzas and BYO drinks.

Land Care Group – Lindy Salter
Land Care received a $500 grant which has been used to purchase garden tools. Qld Parks & Wildlife has given permission to work on the park behind Greenfinch. On 26th May there is a safety meeting followed by a working bee on site. Some people have put their name down but did not pay ($5) membership fee. Will happily take new members as well

Rocky Point Fire Brigade – Noel Haase reported there has been three call outs for fires. All went ok.
Rocky Point Open Day is on 14th June from 10am – 2pm. All welcome to BBQ, fire truck rides and other fun

General Business
Lindy suggested we vote on the community bus (carried). Suggested extra money could go towards a mangrove walk past the esplanade and back to Jacobs Well. Mic said he knew of someone who specialised in doing grant applications and will try to find his contact number.
Someone raised the issue of poor quality of road repairs, with roads being just as bad the next day.
Barry Kriedemann says a disgusting smell is coming from Marilyn Compost plant in Skopps Rd, suggesting that there were some disgusting items (animal offal) being used in production processes. He will work with David Salter to ensure they are compliant.
We are seeking help from members for distribution of the SSN. Anyone willing to contact Geoff Bishop

Close 8.45pm

Next Meeting – Thursday 30 April 2015 at 7:30pm. Jacobs Well Community Centre