July 2015

Minutes of General Meeting on 30th July 2015 at 7.00 pm
at Jacobs Well Community Centre
Welcome by Craig McVean who declared the meeting open at 7:10pm
Meeting management, brief, respect views, maybe take outside of meeting
Geoff Bishop is on extended travel so Denise Field has been nominated by the Management Committee to fill the “Secretary” position

Apologies: David Allen, Bronny Allen, Geoff Bishop, Clemmie Bishop, Noel Haas, Merilyn Haas, Mick Rowland, Lindy Salter, David Salter, Don Waters, Margaret Waters, Cr Donna Gates, Steve Rowell

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Move to adopt
Those in favour – Carried

Correspondence In:
Donna Gates
Volunteer Management Workshop
Tourist Park Clarification of bookings of cabins
Response to query on Farmers Markets
Advice re Division 1 Donations 2015/16
Confirmation of Community Hall Bookings
Response re Youth Function Posters
Response to rubbish bin delivery expediting
Michael Crandon
22 communications on various matters

Correspondence Out:
Note to Cr Gates and Michael Crandon re posters at the bus stop
Note to Cr Gates re Community Farmers Baskets on the Green
Note to Cr Gates expediting rubbish bins
Letter to Department of Fair Trading updating Association rules

Treasurers Report – Lin Riley
Bank Balance $36,479.05. Application made to Division 1 Donations (opens 3rd August closes 4th September 2015) for the cost of Public Liability Insurance and to cover MYOB charges (Total $800)
Move to adopt – Debbie Stanton
Seconder – Beth Adams
Those in favour – Carried

Renew Public Liability with Allianz Australian Insurance Ltd
Policy renewal $599.50 for 12 months. Cf Calliden Insurance $2061.95
Move to adopt – Debbie Stanton
Seconder – Beth Adams
Those in Favour – Carried

Print additional 500 copies of “Reflections on a Lost Island”. Down to the last 20 of initial run
Cost $3336.22, or $6.67 per book. Benefit to JW&DPA $3,310
Move to adopt – Craig McVean
Seconder – Leslie Gelson
Those in Favour – Carried

Youth Event
$242.45 less $96.45 expenses raised from Youth Event 12 July. To be used for future youth events

Gold Coast City Council – Cr Donna Gates
The following was provided by Cr Donna Gates to be tabled in her absence
Pimpama Jacobs Well Road
Assets Branch note that an inspection of the road noted minor depressions in various areas. Council will continue to monitor and maintain section until works can be carried out under this financial year 2015-16 Road Rehabilitation Schedule.
Extractive Industry Sites
Local Law officers are continually monitoring these sites regularly to ensure no breaches (these include sites at 124 and 150 Behms Road, 959 Pimpama Jacobs Well Road, 1732 – 1786 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road). These companies are continually being monitored. The following outcomes are noted:
959 Pimpama Jacobs Well Rd
• Shoulders of road along this stretch have deteriorated and will be monitored until the works are able to be carried out as part of the Road Rehabilitation Program this financial year.
• No breaches. The wheel wash is working in accordance with requirements
• Trucks obey site directions having to exit site through wheel wash – leaving minor water drips along roadway.

1732 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd and site at Behms Rd Jacobs Well
• Complaint re operations and also dumping of material into the internal lake. DERM are investigating the dumping complaint into the lake.
• Local Law Officers report no breaches and wheel wash now in place on site which trucks use to exit site onto roadway. The site has also reworked the ring road within the site to ensure the trucks enter in one way and exit another via the wheel wash to prevent mess on the road.

1754 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd
• Complaint lodged by resident that corrosive water being used to wash down road.
• Local Law investigated. No breaches.
• Investigations reveal water truck with rain / tank water is used to wash down road – not drawn from dam on site at all. Also wash bay which is now completed will be using recycled and filtered system water as well.
Mosquito Control Program
Officers advise that the Mosquito Control Program is operating under the same guidelines and has the same desired outcome as in previous years. There has been no change to the produces used in either the larval treatment program, aerial treatment program or the adulticiding (fogging) program. The increase in mosquito populations this year was due to the increase in freshwater breeding species. This increase was a direct result of the heavy rainfall experienced in January and February. The majority of breeding sites would have been in temporary water pondage on private land. Council does not treat breeding sites and as such Council’s only course of action to ease the impact on residents is to conduct fogging programs through affected areas. Whilst it is effective in reducing mosquito populations at the time of treatment, reinfestation from distance locations can occur quite quickly. Council has increased its adult mosquito program throughout the City and as such is better positioned to respond to increases in adult mosquito populations than in previous years.
Parkland between 36-38 Esplanade Jacobs Well
Curfew Signage: Natural Areas Management Unit arranging curfew signage to be installed within the next few weeks.

Project Summary as at 27 July 2015

Project Description Status Advised Completion Actual Comment
Rubbish bins
(David Allen} Upgrade wheelie bins to a bin that fits the village atmosphere Bins approved for installation (Ref Div 1 Jan 15 Newsletter) 30 June 15
23 July: “Manufacturer delivering bin enclosures to Council end of July for programming and installation by the City Cleaning department thereafter.”
Community Hall Attenuation Attenuate the community hall to reduce noise levels for all users Project committed End Dec 14 End Dec 14 Positive feedback from the Social Club
Caravan Park Ablutions
(David Allen) Upgrade Caravan Park ablutions Part of 14/15 GCCC budget 2016 Design underway for sewage system to cover current and future usage. Disposal of treated effluent an issue. On design completion an application will be made to the EPA

Cabbo Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community GCCC to review opportunity to reconfigure existing parking and vehicle movement Along with reconfiguration opportunities, Horizon Shores approached to drop or reduce the launch fee. Donna meet with Waterways Authority and raised issue
(Mic Rowland}

Jacobs Well Street Scape Development of a master plan to provide a village feel for Jacobs Well $30,000 allocated by GCCC for improvements. Main roads has rejected design End Dec 14 Liaison between GCCC officers and Main Roads underway
(Geoff Bishop, Craig McVean)
Jacobs Well Trailer Parking Improve trailer parking for boat users and community Donna initiated a GCCC study to determine required no of additional parks Bay Drive provides an ideal overflow for trailer parking. Hooked on Line approached to provide direction to boaties as trailer park becomes full.
Should we charge a parking fee?
Petition to be submitted to Cr Gates
(Mic Rowland)
Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road Footpath

Dave Mayo
David Allen Footpath between Cormorant and Seaview on the northern side $100,000 from whole of Gold Coast City Council budget and $100,000 from Division 1 budget. City of Gold Coast Director of Engineering Services pursuing State 50/50 funding. Email from Michael Crandon 28 April 2015 confirmed funding in conjunction with Gold Coast. Design underway

No confirmation re completion

Lighting to end of Jetty Provide lighting at end of jetty to facilitate night movements Meeting held with Michael Crandon to determine which Department has responsibility. Michael Crandon advised that Gold Coast Waterways authority should be approached.
Mike Rowland
Gate at end of Jetty Provide a gate at the end of the jetty to allow management of mooring vessels As above
Installation of a Pontoon to allow access for houseboats / cruises etc. Conceptual at this stage Requires research and planning As above
Board walk across mangroves from Harrigans to Jacobs Well Conceptual at this stage A concept to share the unique mangrove environment Letter to Donna advising intent

(Lindy Salter)
Installation of a board walk in the nature reserve Conceptual at this stage Agreement to be reached on design and location
{Lindy Salter}

Police Report – Jacobs Well Police Beat
Mention of youths around the tennis courts. Activity being monitored, however crime has decreased due to cold weather

Community Events – Deb Stanton
Opera 2016 Status – Donna Gates has pledged $5000 sponsorship
Monthly markets status – GCCC requires name change to “Farmers Basket” rather than markets. Application requires traffic management and risk plan to be provided
Boat / Camping Sale
Movies in the Park

Environmental Sub-Committee – David Salter

Land Care Group – Lindy Salter

Environmental Education Centre – Steve Rowell (an Apology)

Rocky Point Fire Brigade – Noel Haase (an Apology)

General Business
Display of new logo for JW&DPA
Reminder that Membership to be renewed for 15 / 16 financial year
Nominations for Management Committee – Craig nominating for Vice President
Hard rubbish pick up notice was provided 2 days prior to rather than 2 weeks prior to pick up. Craig to email GCCC

Close: Craig declared the meeting closed at 7:50 pm

Next Meeting – Including AGM, Thursday 27 August 2015 at 7:00pm. Jacobs Well Community Centre