Industry Experience Camp

The Bendigo Bank and Australian Industry Trade College have established sponsorship to “ support 10 young people in Years 9, 10 and 11 from schools across the northern Gold Coast corridor to attend the camp who we want to challenge, inspire and empower. “
This is an opportunity for Jacobs Well, Cabbage Tree and Calypso Bay community to put forward some local kids for consideration.
Aim of the program The camp will provide opportunities within the context of a two-day adventure camp for young people, to be held at Emu Gully – Helidon Springs. The objective of the camp is:

    • To establish a sense of culture based on ANZAC values of; Courage, Mateship, Endurance and Self-Sacrifice;
    • To build a community with those attending, including staff, that will support their personal growth during the camp and beyond;
    • To set personal goals around education and employability. Desired Outcomes of the program This program is bigger than a two day camp: it will set a foundation to ensure the ongoing progress of these young people individually through a rapport that supports:
    • The giving of appropriate constructive feedback;
    • Developing positive communication;
    • Development of a personal plan with goals around education and employment;
    • Connection to support services available in local schools and community.

    How to apply and further details of the program:

  • The camp will be staffed by personnel from Emu Gully Adventure Group, Australian Industry Trade College and where available staff from schools of origin.
    I suspect the various schools in the district have the same information as has been passed onto the Progress Association, however I will be happy to provide the criteria and application forms.
    Chas JWPA President
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