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Peace rules the day, where reason rules the mind...

Material published  on this website must conform to prevailing community standards.
Past and present residents of Jacobs Well and surrounding areas are encouraged to contribute to this website.

The webmaster reserves the right to exclude any material deemed unsuitable. All material is published with the best of intentions and without malice or harm intended. Contact the immediately if you feel that published material is unsuitable.

While Jacobs Well based businesses can apply to be included in the Business Directory and acquire email addresses in the domain, this website is essentially a "not for profit" community billboard.

The hosting of this website is financed by the sale of email addresses in the domain. The webmaster, as the legal owner of this domain, reserves the right to grant or withdraw email addresses at his discretion. Email addresses are assigned on a "first come first served" basis and are valid for one year.

The annual fee is non-refundable unless the email address is revoked by the webmaster, in which case the proportional amount for the outstanding period will be refunded.
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Olaf Tiemann
27 Cormorant Crescent
Jacobs Well, Qld, 4208
Phone 07 5546 2733
Fax     07 5546 2744